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Ready to purchase your dream home?

Having a home inspection prior to purchase is essential. It can be exciting and very scary, especially if it is your first home! Home Inspections are meant to help you learn about the condition of the home.

You want to be sure the home is safe for you and your family to live in. While it is not always required to have a home inspection prior to purchase, it is highly recommended.

Imagine buying your dream home and forgoing the inspection only to find out a month after you move in there is a terrible roof leak that requires a totally brand-new roof.

Probably not expecting that kind of repair that soon. Having your new home inspected by Home Solutions Inspection should be a top priority. Being a family-oriented, woman-owned business, your family’s safety is our main concern!

Our licensed and trained professionals are here for you during this scary/exciting adventure.

home inspection

What does the inspector look at?

In general, the home inspector will look at the overall condition of your home. This includes a thorough inspection of the physical structure of your home as well as interior systems. Below is an idea of what your inspector from Home Solutions Inspection will be looking at:
  • Exterior EvaluationWallcoverings (siding, brick, other materials) landscaping, retaining walls (if applicable), elevation, drainage, driveways, fences, sidewalks, windows, doors, outdoor lights, and grading. Additionally, skylights may also be examined.
  • Outdoor Spaces – Porches, steps, railings, stoop, balcony, deck, garages, and carports.
  • Structure – How the home is made walls, ceilings, floors, and foundation. This will also include proper insulation of the living spaces.
  • Roof/Attic – Type of roof construction, proper ventilation, flashing/gutters, and ventilation. While it is inspected for these things, it does not guarantee condition, newness, or certification it will last for a certain amount of time.
  • Plumbing – See what material pipes are made from, drain, waste, and vents. This will also include toilets, showers, sinks, faucets, and traps. This does not include a sewer inspection. 
  • Systems/Components – Hot water heaters, furnace, thermostats, air conditioning units, ductwork, sump pumps, fireplace/chimney (does not include chimney inspection), and sprinkler systems.
  • Electrical Systems – Main panel, circuit breakers, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, light fixtures, garage door openers, and the wiring/grounding.
  • Appliances/Interior Items – Dishwashers, disposals, built-in items, smoke, radon, carbon monoxide detectors, stairways, railings, counters/cabinets, and garage doors. This is where cracks in walls or floors may be noted for either cosmetic or foundation issues.
Home Inspection Checklist

While this list may seem extreme, it is just a basic general list of what most home inspectors are going to be looking at. To know exactly what your home inspector is looking at; it is recommended to be home during the scheduled time.

You can go ahead and follow your inspector around your home (so long as you don’t get in their way) and refer to a list and even ask questions. You may learn a lot more about your home this way. You will receive a report in detail, so if you can’t make it your inspector will provide this report to you another time and go over it with you.

It is important to know that this inspection is based solely on that specific day and time of inspection. The home may be different depending on the time of year or seasonal situation (heavy wind, rain, or snowfall).

Is there anything the inspector won’t look at or do?

The answer is yes. While the list of what our inspectors do look at is lengthy, there are still several items we do not check or things we don’t do. These things are not required by state regulations, or they may be not readily accessible. Below is a list of things we will not be doing:
  • We Will Not move furniture, plants, snow/ice, or other things that may be in the way. Additionally, it is not required to go into a crawl space or attic if it may not be safe. The inspector is not to be in danger. So, walking on a roof, or lighting a fireplace is out of the question.
  • We Will Not pull up carpet or cut a hole in a wall to look for mold, foundation issues, or rusted-out pipes.
  • We Will Not test smoke detectors, EVERY light switch/fixture, or appliances that are not built-in. We also will not run lawn irrigation systems or check sprinkler systems.
  • We Will Not check for pests like termites, wood-destroying bugs, or hazardous environmental testing like radon or asbestos. 
  • We Will Not tell you if the furnace, hot water heater, roof, built-in appliances, or air conditioning units will last a specific amount of time. If it is not working, we will not diagnose the problem or estimate the cost of repairs.
  • We Will Not provide an estimate of monthly utility bills based on our inspection.
  • We Will Not encourage or discourage the purchase of a home. We will only provide you with our home inspection report and any decisions are left up to you to make.
Home Inspection Checklist
It is important to take note of the things our inspectors do and do not look over when purchasing or selling a home. The main purpose of our home inspections is to provide the owner with the overall condition of the home. Not all things will be discovered during a home inspection, and additional inspections and testing may be needed.

As always, Home Solutions Inspection is here for you!

We take pride in the work we do and want to ensure that you and your family can safely enjoy your dream home!
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