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How clean is the air in your home?

When you think about it, your home is your safe place; your sanctuary. The last thing you want is to find out there are pollutants in your home. But how do you know if there are?

There are many things you can do to keep your home clear of pollutants, but the first thing you can do if you are worried is to get an indoor air quality test!

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What causes indoor air quality concerns?

There are a variety of sources that can cause poor air quality. The severity depends on how much and how often the pollutant is getting released into the air. If you are a heavy smoker, it is likely the smoke is almost always in the air causing a frequent indoor air quality issue. Other sources like cleaning materials will be intermittent and would only be severe if in exceptionally substantial amounts and there is no ventilation.

Some of the most common causes of poor indoor air quality are:

  • Tobacco smoke

  • Central heating and cooling systems

  • Humidifying devices

  • Fuel burning appliances (gas appliances, kerosene heaters, wood burning stoves)

  • Newly installed flooring

  • Pressed wood products

  • Cleaning products

  • Hobby products (paint, primer, acetone, other chemicals)

  • Excess moisture from poor ventilation

  • Outdoor pollution sources that get inside (pesticides, radon)

Other sources can also cause concern to the indoor air quality of your home. Something like mold, asbestos, lead and carbon monoxide can also be a problem. Any of these sources can cause harmful effects when left untreated or removed.
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What are the effects of poor indoor air quality?

Effects will vary depending on the individual, and what the source of the pollutant is. Most people may notice when they are cleaning with strong cleaners like bleach or ammonia, they may get burning in the eyes or throat. These feelings usually go away once the odor of the cleaning material has dissipated from the area with good ventilation. In a poorly ventilated area, these effects may last longer. The most common effects that can occur immediately include:

  • Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

While these symptoms are minor, and can go away rather quickly, it is important to take note of when they occur. If you are finding that being in a specific area of your home for a certain amount of time, and these symptoms show up then go away when you leave the room, you should get an indoor air quality test.

Additionally, there are long term effects if the indoor air quality stays in a poor state. Indoor air pollution can cause heart disease, respiratory disease and even cancer. These illnesses will get worse over time if left untreated and may not show up right away. 

What Happens during the test?

Depending on what we are assessing for, we will use various tools. There are different meters that can be used to help detect moisture. Usually, a sign of moisture means mold. If there is mold in your home not only is it affecting the walls, floors, and other items, it is also affecting the indoor air quality of your home. Breathing in mold can be harmful to your health.

Additionally, we may take samples of the air using equipment that will be set up in the home. Depending on which device is used, it may stay in the home for just a few hours or even several days. 

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